Backup your computer (Windows version)

 I have run across situations where System Restore does not fix an affected PC. In that case, your best friend is your system backup set. I no longer have any need for document versioning, so I keep only the two most recent sets here to limit the amount of disk storage consumed. With that said, if you use your PC for work or school, document versioning may be very important for you. If so, consider how far back in time you need to be able to go, then adjust your backup paradigm accordingly. On my system, one backup set consists of a (weekly) full system backup and up to six (daily) incremental backups. You may prefer a similar set based on a monthly full system backup with up to thirty incremental backups. I stated above that I keep two such sets, but that is not entirely true. I keep two full system (weekly) backups, but only the most recent up to six (daily) incremental backups. This way, I can 'restore' my system to any day within the past week, or I can restore it to the pr
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